Major Magick

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A momentous force palpitating from the heart of the high country, Major Magick is a group of five young musicians, each of whom contribute collectively to the unique and exciting sound that has left their audiences stunned. An intoxicating cocktail of bombastic rock, visceral funk, and infectious soul, Major Magick combines their influences in a delightful blend that goes down smooth but packs a wallop. Audiences simply can’t get enough. Major Magick features five distinctly memorable members from diverse musical backgrounds;

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Dynamic front man STEPHON LAMAR bewitches the crowd with his seductive vocal stylings reminiscent of the golden age of soul. Significantly influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, Boys II Men and the Beach Boys at a young age, LaMar became an accomplished singer and songwriter early on. Exuding raw charisma and unmistakable sex appeal, LaMar’s captivating performances leave a memory forever imprinted in the imagination of the listener.

Six string extraordinaire KYLE ROZICH brings the flash and flare of frenzied unadulterated rock. A disciple of Zappa, Prince and Jeff Beck, Rozich harkens back to the heyday of the guitar hero that existed long before the reign of video game consoles. Rozich’s resume include stints with prominent regional artists, including Laura Reed & Deep Pocket as well as the incomparable Melissa Reaves Group. Characterized by stomping mammoth riffs and soaring pterodactyl melodies, his playing sends shivers down the cumulative spines of those standing in the path of his musical stampede.

Eccentric Visionary and keyboardist MIKE RUNYON provides the classical chops and compositional muscle that furthers Major Magick’s already unique sound to the realm of limitless possibilities. Classically trained for twenty years, Runyon has won numerous state competitions as well as playing with the Appalachian Symphony Orchestra. "I want to make music the way it was intended to be... Good." A monster among men, Runyon is greatly influenced by the likes of Chick Corea and Thelonious Monk. A well seasoned player and accomplished musician Runyon aims to use his lifetime of training to create something which has never been done before.

Avatar of freak funk low end, CODY ADAMS' avante-garde leanings highlight the group’s penchant for the bizarre. Adams bass approach stems from his fervent studies of bass virtuosos Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorious, and Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai), and holds an eclectic resume of styles garnered within his twelve years of experience. Spectators caught in the crossfire of his rhythmic retaliations are left with only one defense... to dance.

Bone shaking beat maker NATE OSBORNE rips the trap set a new one giving Major Magick a rock solid foundation of rhythm so thick it might be considered a choking hazard. Son of a professional percussionist and a Thespian, Osborne grew up developing his chops as both a musician and an entertainer in a household fostering creativity. His classically trained style stems from a love of Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Jazz music. Osborne’s drumming features a tasty blend influenced by the likes of John Bonham, Billy Martin (MMW), and A Tribe Called Quest. "Listen. Groove. Repeat."

A pillar standing in the way of complacence and apathy, Major Magick seeks to make music that our generation can be proud of, music that morphs the sounds of the past into something new and exciting. Music that’s relevant. Music that’s powerful. Music that rocks.

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Stephon Lamar - Lead Vocals
Kyle Rozich - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Runyon - Keyboards
Cody Adams - Bass
Nate Osborne - Drums

Five stone cold funk-soul-rock superstars!

W/ special guest Stefano Romano as

"The Fabric of life is woven together by two things:  Love and music."
~Stephon LaMar

For Booking Information please contact: John Wayne Harris Jr. at [email protected] or (434)660-0732